4 Agreements of Love

Most people have never intentionally sought to hurt you, but we often overreact to things because we take them personally or make a wrong assumption. Communicating clearly and from the bottom of the heart, without attack, will make love flow. And remember, we are all personally responsible for our own happiness. If we put our happiness in someone else`s hands, they will surely disappoint us. By applying these agreements to your love life, you can avoid the trap of „taking your loved one for granted” while deepening and enriching your relationship. Today can be the day when you experience the beauty of yourself, when you reconnect with your own mind and express all the love in your heart. The greatest mission you have is to make yourself happy and share your love, joy and happiness. One of my favorite books is The Four Chords by Don Miguel Ruiz. Living by agreement has made my life easier and more manageable over the years, in all areas, especially in love! What do you think of yourself? Do you love, respect and honor yourself? If the answer is no, that explains all the broken hearts you had. If you don`t love yourself, don`t respect yourself, and don`t honor yourself, then you allow others to treat you without love, respect, and honor. But once you learn to treat yourself with love, respect, and honor, there`s no way you`ll accept anything less from others. (By the way, The Four Accords and The Mastery of Love are available in spanish editions, in the same beautiful format as the English editions.) With self-love, you enjoy your own presence.

You appreciate what you see every time you look in the mirror. You no longer live your life according to the opinions of others. You don`t need other people to accept you or tell you how good you are because you know who you are. With self-love, you are not afraid to share your love because your heart is completely open. Self-love gives you the power to break down all the lies you`ve been programmed to believe — lies that say, „I`m not good enough; I am not beautiful enough; I am not strong enough; I can`t do it. With self-love, you are no longer afraid to face problems and solve them as soon as they arise. You have full confidence in yourself to make decisions that support you, and you never create circumstances that speak against you. What do I mean by respect? When I am in relationship with you, I respect your choices; I will not try to control your decisions.

Because I love you, I allow you to be who you are. I don`t need to agree with you, but I respect every faith you have, every decision you make because I love you as you are. I also respect my own life, and I will not allow you to control my life. The freedom we seek is the freedom to be ourselves, to express ourselves. But the most important agreements are those we make with ourselves. If someone wants to play an important role in your life as a friend or lover, husband or wife, then you already know what kind of person you want. It`s obvious when that person isn`t what you want, and you have that awareness from the beginning. You are true to your integrity and no longer lie to yourself. Again, I like some aspects of this book, although the Toltec configuration is used again.. .

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