Working as a Contract Employee in Capgemini

Individuals who wish to participate in project-based work, who are authorized for the country of project location and who meet the procurement requirements at Capgemini. Click here to register. For personnel service providers, please contact us via Yes, it is possible. We encourage current entrepreneurs to complete a profile to take advantage of this program. Yes, if you are interested in full-time positions after accepting an opportunity through Our Capgemini Freelancer Gateway, you can apply for full-time positions or discuss the potential hiring contract with your project manager. You have access to all open contract opportunities, receive real-time notifications with relevant job offers based on your profile information and can apply for positions instantly. All profiles are private and are only shared with the Freelancer Gateway by Capgemini team. It will review profiles and contact candidates to discuss open contract positions and future opportunities. You can view our privacy policy here.

Yes, it is possible. Background checks are required for all employees and contractors. Capgemini has accepted a preferred file to be the registered employer. Review and update your profile if necessary. Review the matching roles and look for other application options. The projects listed will be a combination of internal projects and client projects. ML &AI Matching connects you to relevant job postings and sends you notifications when new roles matching your skills are released. You can adjust your notification frequency in your profile settings, Capgemini strongly recommends that you use „real-time” notifications, as positions are in high demand and positions are filled quickly. Don`t miss, create your profile today.

Candidates can supplement their profile information, including job titles, skills, prime rate, preferred location and Capgemini`s previous experience to accommodate vacancies. Then, candidates can view and apply for both job matches and vacancies. There are a variety of projects for different skills and levels of experience. .

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